Simonsbath Festival
Celebrating Music, Art, Talks & Walks on Exmoor from May Day to Midsummer
7 May to 21 June 2018


Welcome to Simonsbath Festival 2018

We all know that life, like the Exmoor weather, is unpredictable. Sometimes an idea that seems to have everything going for it doesn’t quite make it into the real world for one reason or another, and sometimes an idea which seems crazy at the time, against the odds, does make it.

The idea of an annual six-week festival in this tiny, remote village in the heart of Exmoor seemed pretty outlandish back in 2011, but seven years later here I am welcoming you to Simonsbath Festival 2018.

Simonsbath Festival is all about diversity. As well as attracting as wide an audience as possible to a festival programme filled with as much variety as possible, our unique selling point is to celebrate Exmoor’s cultural heritage on May Day and Midsummer and to celebrate the cultural heritage of other countries during the six weeks in between.

In addition to the events in Simonsbath and the May Day celebrations in Exford, the festival continues its work with local schools with the project ‘Songs from the Exmoor Forest’ to revive interest in and knowledge of the traditional music and songs of Exmoor.

Paul Wilson, from the folk and community arts organisation Wren Music, is holding a series of workshops in Exford, Timberscombe, Cutcombe and Dulverton schools to teach children traditional music and songs collected on Exmoor from the early 20th century to the 1980s. The workshops culminate in a Midsummer family and community concert on June 21 at the Moorland Hall, Wheddon Cross.

Thank you for your warm embrace of Simonsbath Festival. Without you we would not be here.

Victoria Thomas, Festival Director

Simonsbath Festival